Professional History

I have included a separate page for my resume and added this page to give a more in-depth history of where I have been and what I am looking forward to professionally.

As I mentioned in my About Me page, I have moved a lot since 2005 for my husband’s career. We have been in Alabama now since 2012 and we love it here! We have a daughter settled in the area and our non-profit rescue so we will be retiring here.

From the end of high school until 1997 I worked as a waitress or in retail, including a couple of management positions. During my freshman year at college, I also worked on campus in the administrative office in order to help cover school expenses that my waitress job didn’t cover. This was my first taste of administrative work and I really enjoyed it.

When I was expecting my daughter, in 1997, I was told I could no longer be on my feet and if I was going to work I needed to find something that didn’t put her at risk or I would be in bed. This was when I found my 1st temporary assignment. I don’t remember the temp agency that hired me, but my first job was for MCI when it was a long distance company. I was hired to do data entry updating addresses for current customers.

After my daughter was born I continued to do temp work for different offices and data entry companies. I have worked for many different businesses on short and long term assignments throughout the past 20 years. These positions have gained me experience in payroll, purchasing, and accounts receivable.

In May of 1998 I moved to Minnesota to be near family for a short time and worked as an Administrative Assistant at the newspaper. This gave me so many different opportunities to learn. So far, this has probably been my favorite job. The owner of the company also owned an internet company, advertising billboards in the area, a business supply store, and managed yellow page ads for the phone books. I assisted in all of these areas which really helped broaden my scope of experience. I loved the challenge this job brought to me.

In November 1999 I moved to Omaha in hopes to improve my finances as a single mom. As much as I liked being near family, I realized staying in the small farm community was never going to provide the finances I needed to support my children.

I was greatly blessed immediately with a temporary position at Quest Communications (now CenturyLink) as they closed out the Small Business Unit preparing for the merger to Quest. They were impressed with my work and offered me a permanent position in their Correspondence/Return Mail department. I became full time in March 2000 when the temporary assignment ended. I stayed with Quest until June 2006 when my husband and I moved back to Minnesota for his career.

I would have stayed at Quest indefinitely had we not had to move. It was by far the easiest and highest paying position I have held. It provided an excellent income for a single mom with amazing benefits. My time at Quest allowed me to not only add experience to my professional history, but also build lasting friendships that I still have today.

The rest of my work history is detailed on my resume.

I would like to explain some of what I did between jobs while home with my children. In 2004 I was introduced to Direct Sales/MLM companies. I continued working with different companies until finally leaving the industry in 2012. I fell in love with the health and wellness industry and did fairly well. I also became a certified Fitness Trainer in 2011 which I maintained and trained until 2015.

In 2010 my husband and I started our Photography and Website business, GT Purdy Photography and Websites, which we still have today, although it is now more of a hobby. The move from Ft Wayne, IN to Fairhope, AL was hard on all my businesses with my client base in Indiana it was no longer profitable for me to keep up full-time and I chose to go back out into the workforce.

Shortly after moving to Fairhope I started a seasonal, part-time job at TJ Maxx. I worked there until December when I was offered a full-time position with a Verizon Retailer in Fairhope. I stayed there three months before I sat down with the manager and told him it wasn’t working out. I had been approached by a Realtor who wanted me to join her team and I started studying for my license in Real Estate. That partnership did not work out so I joined Keller Williams. As a new agent in a new location, it was even harder to find clients in real estate than it was in photography and fitness.  I soon found I was spending way too much money to be in business and I couldn’t afford to continue. As sad as it was, I had to give my license up a year later and do what was right for my family. It was not all a loss though, I did make some great friends and found some new photography clients as well.

As my resume states, I bring 20 years of combined office and customer service experience to any position I hold. I learn quickly and I work well on my own or with a team. Once I learn a job, I do it and I do it thoroughly. I am professional, easy to work with, and I can get along with most anyone. Because of my extensive background, I can step into almost any administrative or customer service roll and do what needs to be done to fill the needs of your company. I am loyal to those I work for and take my job seriously. I will give you 110% every day that I am there.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of my work history here or on my resume, please feel free to contact me. Thank you so much for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!